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Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Non-Food Blog - Tree Tragedy

We have had our Christmas tree up since the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We probably would have taken it down yesterday, but it was moving day for Mom and Dad so we decided to put it off one more week. Well, I wish it was going to be another week. But at 6:30 am yesterday morning, Nick came and woke me up and said, "Kath, I need your help." In my sleepy delirium I said, "The trees down isn't it?" Yep. It was. How did I know? Because Nick only wakes me up with those kinds of words when something really bad happened (the last time lightning hit our neighbors tree and the tree fell on our car in our driveway). I just knew.

Last year and this year we tied the tree to the window frames with clear fishing line. We thought this would be the best solution with new kittens in the house, so that the tree won't fall if they get curious. Well you may remember that last year Murphy climbed both of our trees several times. This year, he never did. Not once. Until Saturday morning. Granted, I have no proof it was him, but previous behavior and a suspiciously injured (nothing serious) paw tell me otherwise.

Here it is, er was:

The tree stand is hopelessly bent. It cannot be fixed, we could not stand the tree back up. We picked ornaments off as best we could, while it was still on it's side. Then I had to hold it up while Nick took off all the lights and we took the tree apart. It was strongly wedged into the window, but miraculously did not break the glass or damage the wood. Nor did any of the lights break and only one ornament (a very small one) broke.

I don't know... do you believe them? I don't! Murphy's eyes alone (he's on the right) tell a very different tale! LOL

So... while we didn't plan on taking it down yesterday, it came down anyway. It took us about 2 and a half hours to get it all put away (we haven't done other decorations yet), then had to immediately get ready, pack up the car and get mom and dad back to their home! What a day!

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