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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rocking the New Grill

A gas grill is an essential part of my summer. Sure, as a purist of most things I do prefer charcoal, but it's not always convenient. So since we've been in a home (as opposed to an apartment), we've had a grill. In recent months, as if either willing our grill to bite the dust or just sensing it was coming, Nick and I have looked at grills whenever we were in Lowe's or Home Depot or anywhere else that sells grills for that matter. Sure enough, this past week flames started shooting out of the area where hose meets burner and, since I wasn't outside at the time it was happening and didn't turn it off quickly enough, it melted the knobs to the panel, rendering them useless. I guess we're lucky those flames didn't shoot down the hose and into the tank.

New grill time!

We did a run to four stores to comparison shop.... Lowe's, Home Depot, Target and Sears Hardware. The first three had very comparable models from different makers. All were black and stainless. All had a side burner, all had pretty much the same stuff and all were $199. $200 being the limit we set for our grill, the Weber was out. Damn!

We saw grills with ovens in the bottom. Grills with refrigerators in the bottom. Grills with built in rotisseries. Grills that were black, white, stainless, red, blue or green. Grills that had practically whole outdoor kitchens attached to them!

We ended up going with the Brinkman model from Home Depot. I chose it because my smoker is Brinkman and I was on a little bit of a smoker high.

Ain't it perty?

It has, as Nick likes to call them, big manly knobs. But be warned, these lovely chrome looking big manly knobs are plastic. That was kind of annoying.

It has the side burner, which I suspect I probably won't use much. I never really had a need for one before or wished I had one. But who knows, maybe I'll surprise myself.

And on the other side, it has a counter and a bottle opener. That bottle opener kind of made me laugh. It brought forth images of manly men, drinking beers and grilling giant slabs of meat.

And here was our first meal on the new grill. Burgers and dogs. The one with American cheese is Nick's, the dog is Nick's. I absolutely despise hot dogs, always have. I just happen to luck out when I took a couple burgers out of the freezer. One of them was one I had made with sauteed onions, feta cheese and parsley. Mine!! Mine!!! Nick wasn't upset to have the plain old cheeseburger though. As an aside, I have been seasoning my burgers with a blend I got the last time I was at Penzy's. It's called Mural of Flavor and it's awesome!

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