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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kids dig pretzels

One day I was at the bank making a deposit to my business account. On the check I was depositing in the memo area, it said "pretzel treats" so the teller asked me what that meant. I explained the business I've been trying to get off the ground and she was very intrigued. That intrigue has turned into some business here and there from several bank tellers. This week one of the them wanted a box of chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles for the treat for her daughter's kindergarten class. We made sure that there were no nuts anywhere near the making of this treat, considering how many kids have allergies these days.

They came out perfectly. And my bank buddy was super excited. In fact, she was so cute. She took the box all around to the other tellers and kept saying how cute they were. It was quite flattering, I have to say. It's really gratifying when someone really loves what you make for them. And this will turn into repeat business because she has to provide the treat for the class once a month. Hopefully it will lead to more business, maybe from another mother or teachers! Here's hoping!

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