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Friday, February 29, 2008

Oh TJ Maxx... you crazy kid you!

I have had the best luck at TJ Maxx lately!! I had one of those psychic moments where out of the blue I said to mom, "Hey, let's go to TJ Maxx. I haven't been there in ages." So off we went. I was looking at clothes and shoes and stuff, when my mom found me to ask if I had been to the housewares area yet. I hadn't. I save it for last. She said, "wait until you see!" I was holding a nice black sweater that I promptly put down. Her tone made me realize I would be buying something else. And oh was that instinct correct!!!

I was a like a kid in the candy store!! There was a whole display of zebra dishware. OMG. I think I may pass out from the sheer joy of it! There were two designs. One was square with zebra stripes, the other was octagon with zebra stripes and black bamboo edging. I chose the square ones and was able to get 4 dinner plates (4.99 each) , 4 salad plates (3.99 each) and 4 bowls (3.99 each).

I have always wanted zebra dishes and Nick has been saying he'd like to have square dishes. So there ya go, two birds... one stone.

So the weekend rolls around and I hint to Nick that, hmm maybe we should go the TJ Maxx that is near our house and see if we can get more! No luck. But mom called and said she went back with my aunt and they had put out more. Oh my, the dilemma. Do I go, do I wait? I waited and went this week on my usual day at my parents house.

Luck was again on my side! I got this gorgeous zebra relish tray ($12.99)! It matches the dishes with the bamboo edging, but I don't care. I love it! And I love to mix and match.

Not only this, but I have been coveting a Le Creuset pot for years. The kind that is cast iron with enamel over it. I look at them then sigh at the huge price tag. I look on Ebay, but never had any luck. Today my luck changed! And while it's not Le Creuset, it is the same idea. It is Chantal and is a 6 quart size pot. It's gorgeous and I love it and I got it for $39!!!!

Hurrah for new stuff!!!!!

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Karen said...

This pan is Great! The Zebra stuff wouldn't go with my ladybugs but that pan sure would! Congratulations.
Food looks good too, Thanks for pointing me here, Karen