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Thursday, June 19, 2008

All local (almost), all yummy salad

Local flavors are in abundance more and more with each passing day. This was a very good day! The lettuce that I started from seed has grown like crazy! I couldn't wait to have a salad with it. All day long I planned on picking enough for a nice salad for Nick and I. But I had a lot of errands to run. At long last I was on my way home, but still had stops to make. First was the farmer's market that is in the square in Richfield, OH every Wednesday from 3:00 pm to 7 :00 pm. It doesn't have many vendors just yet, but it had enough this week that I stopped. I bought a quart of the most gorgeous home grown strawberries.

After that stop, I continued on my way to Szalay's market. They just opened for the season this week. Most known for their corn, they have expanded to carry a lot of produce, not all local, but most is. I picked up some locally grown beets and radishes.

Home at last! I took out my Ohio chicken and marinated it in my very un-Ohio balsamic vinegar. Then headed outside to pick my lettuce. Oh I'm so excited!!!! Look at this lush and beautiful pot of lettuces!!

I had plenty and tons more to pick for another day. After grilling my chicken, I then made my salad. Lettuce, radishes, those beautiful strawberries, and the grilled chicken. I even had New York brand of croutons which are, ta da, made in Ohio! My feta cheese, ok...not from Ohio. My olive oil and strawberry balsamic, also not from Ohio. But I felt great about this salad! It was delicious and tasted even better knowing how many local farmers helped me make it.

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