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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Burger Test

A month ago we went to the Hamburger Festival in Akron and immediately noticed the longest line was for a place called the Windsor Pub in Akron. We decided right then and there that we would try Windsor another time and go get our burgers are some of the shorter lines. Well the time is upon us. Our friend, fellow burger and fellow blogger lover Tom got together to give the Windsor a go. None of us really knew what to expect. It's a bar, basically. When we got there no other patrons were at tables, all were at the bar.

Looking over the menu I decided on the Junior 1/3 lb. mushroom burger, the Windsor Burger actually, with cheese. And seeing fresh cut fries, Tom and I both felt a little apprehensive. It's not often that fresh cut fries are fries done right. Many places don't take the time to fry twice and instead serve you a mass of messy, greasy and soggy fries. But I decided to take one for the team and go for it. Nick got the Big Mama (3/4 lb burger, holy cow!!) with curly fries. The Big Mama had barbecue sauce, cheese and a slice of grilled ham. Tom also got a 3/4 pounder and while I don't remember the name I think it had cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. He opted for onion rings as his side. The waitress informed us that all burgers were cooked to medium well. Personally I like my burger cooked a little less than that, but it was fine.

As we waited for the burgers to come, I decided that the Windsor Pub was the kind of place where someone would decide my hair was too weird to be allowed in the place and would make trouble. It just had that vibe to me and trust me, I've been discriminated against plenty for my coiffure choices. Luckily we were free from any trouble and I didn't have to open a can of whoop ass on anyone.

So here they are. First up, my Windsor Burger.

This was a pretty good burger. Was it the best burger I ever had. No. But it was good and the price was certainly right. The bill for Nick and I was less than $15! The burger was very tasty, the mushrooms were nice. AND the fries were good! They were crisp and hot. All in all, an enjoyable test!

Nick enjoyed his burger too. The Big Mama comes with a saber stuck in the middle of it because it's so big that it's the only way they can keep the whole thing together!

Tom also enjoyed his burger. And I'm sure he'll be writing about it soon too. So there you have it. Check out the Windsor Pub for a tasty and inexpensive burger. Thanks for taking pics for me Tom!

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