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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Luca's Amazing Nutella Pizza

It's pretty well known that I am a big Nutella freak. Anywhere, anytime if Nutella is involved, I'm there.  So when my friend Erica told me that Luca's, the new pizza place in Stow, has Nutella pizza on the menu I knew I had to have it.  And Erica knew I had to have it so she invited me and the man over for dessert and coffee.  Dessert being this very Nutella pizza!   Oh yes, I couldn't wait!

Thinking about it before having it, I wondered what the crust would be like.  I've had dessert pizza's before and they usually use a sugar or shortbread type of cookie as the crust.  But this pizzeria is New York style so I wondered, would they use their regular pizza crust for it?  Maybe with a little sugar added to the dough?   Hmmm the possibilities were intriguing. 

My first look at the pizza made my mouth water.  It was the regular pizza dough, very thin and lightly baked.  I didn't detect any sugar added, and it wasn't needed at all.  After it's baked, it's slathered with Nutella.  For me, that would be enough but Luca's upped the ante by adding some fresh strawberries and bananas and then the pièce de résistance... chopped hazelnuts. 

The pizza was huge!  The dough did not have a hint of brown on it, but it was done enough.  It had a really nice chew to it.  This is not a knife and fork dessert, you have to pick this baby up.  And you're going to want to anyway.  It's irresistible!  If you're a NY style pizza folder, then have it.  You can easily fold this slice.  The Nutella, as always is fabulous.  It's not hot, it's served cold or room temperature.  Although, warm with melty Nutella sounds pretty damn good too... hmmm, I might have to try it that way!  The chopped hazelnuts added the perfect crunchy contrast to the soft fruit, smooth Nutella and chewy crust.

It's simple, but delicious.  I haven't had the opportunity (yet) to try anything else at Luca's, but if this is any indication of the goodness they are putting out, then I won't be disappointed when I do.  And if you find yourself at Luca's for some pizza or a calzone, or something else, make sure you save room for some Nutella pizza!  

Buon Cibo mia Amici


Anonymous said...

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hocam said...

Not sure about Nutella Pizza but your recipes are mouthwatering. Passing on the Liebster Award. I hope this will get me a free sample of your arancini :-)

Beckey said...

Mmmmm... Nutella.... (typed using my very best Homer Simpson impression)_