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Sunday, March 9, 2008

I love you my new pot!!

My new pot is the most beautiful thing ever. And it's perfect for this dish... cabbage and noodles. It's the ultimate in comfort food. I make mine a little different than the norm, because I like to make into more of a one pot meal. But if you want this meat free, it's a great side dish to pork chops, just skip the meat step. If you make it my way, start off by browning a pound of ground meat (I always use turkey, but you can use beef or pork or whatever you like) in about two Tablespoons of olive oil. If you don't have the glorious pot that I do, you can use a very large frying pan for this dish.

Once the meat is browned and crumbled, remove it from the miraculous pot and add a sliced medium sized onion. I generally use whatever large sweet onions are available and use half of it. But any onion will do. If there isn't enough oil left in the bottom of the pan from browning the meat, add a little more olive oil. Salt if desired.

While the onions are cooking, it's time to shred your cabbage. If you have a nice medium to small head of cabbage, you can use the whole thing. If it's larger, only use half. I shred with a large chefs knife but this step can be done on a box grater, in a food processor or on a mandolin.

Add cabbage to the bodacious pot and stir around so the cabbage gets coated with the oil and the onions. It will take a little while for the cabbage to soften and to help it along I add about two cups of chicken broth. Give it a little stir from time to time. It should take about half an hour for the cabbage to cook completely. Most of the broth should have cooked out. You don't want this soupy, but just moist.

In the meantime boil water for egg noodles. Any egg noodle will do. This recipe is easy breezy. Just do whatever the heck you want! Cook your noodles and when the cabbage is done, put the meat and the noodles back into the wondrous pot, stir with about 2 Tablespoons of butter. Yes you can leave the butter out, but everything is betta with butta! Cook together for a few minutes so the meat can get reheated. And you're done!


Elaine said...

Love the descriptions of your pot!! lol

The cabbage and noodles looks good. I know I would like it, but I'm not so sure my family would. I'll have to poll them and see. If not, I can still make it for myself, because hey, who's better than me?

Lynn said...

I made a turkey meatloaf in my kick ass new pot the other night. Covered in bacon and full of yum!