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Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Easiest Thing You'll Ever Make - Nutella Ravioli

Seriously. I mean it. It's a total no brainer. You need no skills, no special equipment, no degree in culinary arts. All you need is a pan with some oil in it (about 2 inches, vegetable oil).

A sheet pan lined with plastic wrap.

A package of won ton wrappers, an egg, and some Nutella. What? You don't know what Nutella is? Well let me tell you. It was created in the late 40's by an Italian fella named Pietro Ferrero. He lived in the Piedmont region of Italy where hazelnuts are grown. Pietro owned a bakery and originally sold Nutella in blocks but a few years later, he turned it into a spread. It's chocolatey and hazelnutty and just plain delicious on anything. You can usually find it on the peanut butter aisle. Buy it. You won't be sorry. And then you can make Nutella Ravioli! I buy mine in the big BJ's Warehouse Club econo jug.

So you need to heat your oil, probably to about 350. Get your won ton wrappers and your Nutella ready. Make your egg wash.... one egg beaten with about a Tablespoon of water.

On your work surface, whatever that may be... a board, a counter, whatever, lay out one won ton wrapper and brush the edges with egg wash.

The flour is already on the won ton wrapper. I didn't add it.

Drop a dollop (about a teaspoonful or so) in the middle of the wrapper.

Fold it over into a triangle and press along the edges to seal it. You can even crimp with a fork to seal it even more if you like. Then as you make them, line them up on the sheet pan lined with plastic wrap. When you get the tray filled or you've made as many as you want to make, check your oil temp (or not... I don't have a thermometer to check this temp so I just winged it, when I started to put the ravioli in the oil, if it sizzled and immediately started to fry, it was hot enough, but you don't want it too hot to burn the won tons either, so just be aware of what your oil is doing) and start the fryin!

I put no more than four in the pan at a time. If you crowd the pan, the temperature drops too much and then the ravioli's will end up too greasy. After about 20-30 seconds, flip the ravioli goodness over and continue cooking the other side. You're looking for a nice golden brown color.

Only one of them had a little accident and got a hold in it, spilling melty Nutella into the oil. It didn't matter, it was near the end anyway.

Once they are all done, you can sprinkle them with powdered sugar if you like, but we don't really go for that. We just had them straight up!

Make sure you serve them while they are still warm/hot and nice and oozy melty.

You can make these a day ahead and then reheat them in a low (250) oven. I'd probably wrap them in foil if I was doing that so they don't get too crispy crunchy. You can make a bunch and keep them in a low oven for serving later. But I doubt you'll be able to do that. Once you eat one, the rest will follow!


Karen said...

my mouth is watering Kathy, you've done it again!

klbkittykat said...

You said powder sugar Kathy, can you use any thing else and what about a dipping sauce? I know my family would like these but they are dippers, if you know what I mean!! LOL ♥

Sil said...

My kids love nutella and are mad because the store was out. This recipe looks delicious!

I can't imagine dipping it in anything as it should be sweet enough.